You may have heard about Invisalign® (invisible braces).  This has been an exciting addition to our office.  Of all the dental procedures we offer, this seems to be the most accepted and rewarding outcome we perform.

Impressions are taken along with photographs of your teeth.  The records are sent to the AlignTech Company and custom fit aligners are fabricated for you to wear.  They are virtually invisible and usually take between 12-18 months to complete your case.





Patient: OLIVIA
Length of Invisalign® Treatment: 9 MONTHS

Invisalign BEFORE

Olivia Before

Invisalign AFTER

Olivia After











Patient: JUDY
Length of Invisalign® Treatment: 13 MONTHS

Invisalign BEFORE

Judy Before

Invisalign AFTER

Judy After











Length of Invisalign® Treatment: 11 MONTHS 

Christine Before

cL 001

Christine After






Christine’s Testimony:
“I am so happy I did it. I have a beautiful smile. Thank you.”



Patient: NICHOLE
Length of Invisalign® Treatment: 9 MONTHS 

Nichole Before

Nichole After






Nichole’s Testimony:
“I am very happy with my Invisalign results. It will help with my future visits because the straightening is helping with my wear and tear.”




Katie’s Testimony (not pictured)
“My braces were removed 15+ years ago.  My retainer broke, and I never got it replaced.  The tooth beside my front tooth slowly shifted backwards, and I noticed it especially in pictures of myself.  I chose to do Invisalign Express 5 for the upper arch only.  After 5 aligners (10 weeks), my tooth is now in the place it used to be after braces.  I love my smile again!”


Jen’s Testimony(not pictured)
“I wanted to straighten my upper front tooth to decrease the look of the swelling of the gum tissue area. It was a great idea because I only had to have the Invisalign trays for four months!  I could not have asked for better results. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is concerned with having braces but wanting a straighter smile.”


Jodie’s Testimony about her son, Ian’s, Invisalign(not pictured)
“As Ian’s Mom, I can see a big difference in his confidence and he is smiling a great deal to show off his smile.  Ian also used the KoR whitening system and his teeth look amazing from the Invisalign and the KoR.  The tray system works fine for Ian at home and even at school.  I highly recommend the treatment with Invisalign.”



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