CEREC® Crowns & More

With CEREC® Technology, we are able to provide same-day crowns, veneers, onlays, inlays and even bridges with protecting and preserving your own tooth’s structural integrity.  They are long lasting and durable, made from a ceramic piece that is just as strong as your natural teeth. With CEREC technology, we can provide perfect looks, perfect comfort and perfect quality.

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 Click the photo below to watch a short YouTube clip illustrating CEREC technology:

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Patient presented broken tooth to hygienist at cleaning appointment. An old amalgam (silver) filling has failed the patient once again.

Patient came back to our office for scheduled restoration with more of the tooth broken.

Tooth was prepared by the dentist, keeping as much natural tooth as possible.

Tooth is beautifully restored with Cerec technology.









Patient’s tooth was heavily filled with an amalgam (silver) filling. The patient needed root canal treatment on this tooth.

After root canal therapy, the patient’s tooth was prepared by the dentist in preparation for a full-coverage crown.

Patient’s tooth is beautifully restored with an all-ceramic crown using Cerec technology. This entire Cerec process was completed in one visit!









Patient’s upper left tooth broke due to old amalgam (silver) filling.

Patient’s tooth is prepared and all old, amalgam filling is removed. The dentist was attentive to keep as much natural tooth as possible.

Upper left tooth is exquisitely restored with Cerec technology. This entire procedure was completed in one visit.









Patient was displeased with older crowns on 2 front teeth.

Crowns on 2 front teeth (#8 and #9) were beautifully replaced with Cerec technology. Patient was very happy with the results!

Before (Smile)

After (Smile)